Essay Agriculture, Agriculture And Agriculture

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Farming, specifically growing fruits and vegetables and selling them, is an interesting concept critical to the production of food and it 's consumption. Agriculture is often an occupation that is both misunderstood and underrated. As it being the core of food production and consumption of food, it 's imperative that farming and agriculture be a highly explained topic. Thus, to gather more information and provide a deeper look into the business of agriculture and farming, I spoke with local farmer Willie Sams, a farmer who grows his own fruits and vegetables and sells them himself. Upon interview Mr. Sams, we discussed the process for starting a traditional farm versus the process for starting an organic farm and the differences between the two. The first question that I asked Mr. Sams regarded how long he had been in the farming industry. “I 've been farming since I was a young boy. My dad and grandfather were farmers also so my brothers and I started farming at a young age. I was seven when I picked up my first plow”, Mr. Sams told me. I then asked Mr. Sams why he chose farming and what makes farming special to him. He answered, “Farming has been in my family for centuries. It 's all I know. But what I enjoy the most about being in the agriculture industry is that I know where my food comes from, and I know I 'm helping others get food themselves”. When asked about how one can start their own traditional farm, Sams replied, “ The most important…

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