Agricultural Science Project Essay

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Agricultural Science
Ciara Murphy
Rathconrath Co. Westmeath

Breed of Cow:
On my farm the farmer bred British Friesian Cattle. Friesian cattle are a breed of cattle known today as the world’s highest production dairy animal. Originating in Europe Friesian’s were bred it what is now called the Netherlands. The farmer chose British Friesian over any other breed as he finds they are a more dual-purpose cow. This means the cow produces good milk and also has a good conformation.
On my farm the farmer breeds his British Friesian herd with a stock bull. This is a bull kept on the farm for breeding purpose’s to bring the Heifer’s into heat. My farmer’s herd was a spring-calving herd which
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The cows are also given rubber mats to lie down on for comfort.
On my farm the farmer aims to have the cows calving around mid-February. Before calving the cows should be on a high plain of nutrition as to maintain a good BCS. The farmer also isolates the cow from the rest of the herd and places her in a clean dry calving pen. The farmer also highlighted to me that it is important to have a calving jack, calving ropes and gloves available in case the cow needs assistance. When the calf is born it is important that the farmer allows the cow to lick the calf to stimulate circulation. My farmer also dips the calf’s navel in iodine to prevent infection. Feeding colostrum is vital in protecting the new-born calf from disease.
Disease control:
There were very few diseases on my farm however my farmer did say Clinical mastitis was the most prominent disease on the farm. The symptoms of this disease are inflammation of the udder, affecting one or more quarters. There are also visible changes in the milk clots and the milk may be more watery. My farmer said the easiest way of treating this bacterium is antibiotics. However if you don’t want this bacteria to infect your herd then there are a number of prevention tips you can take. For example ensuring your milking machine works correctly as faulty machines damage teats. Also use teat disinfectant after milking. Dirt on udder or teat increases infection.
Although the

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