Construction Management Project: The Construction Project Management Plan

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The Construction Project Management Plan (CPMP) illustrates Group K’s Project Management principles, processes and plans for the design and construction of the Johnson family home. The family is currently substantially preoccupied with their professional jobs and do not have the luxury to supervise the project. Furthermore they are expecting a baby within 8 months, on a tight budget from the bank of $495,000. This budget is expected to cover the entire project process from design all the way to the fit out and finishes.

The scope of this project is to produce a family-friendly house to this professional couple who are expecting a baby within 8-months. The house must also be designed to the budget and cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.
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It will also comprise a criterion to be used to arbitrate the high quality team from design to construction to be utilised in this endeavor. Team performance assessment will be carried out to monitor and control the performance of the selected team members throughout the undertaking in order to ensure a highly auspicious and effectual project.

In order to operate within the circumscribed time and budget constraints, a high communication standard and appropriate procedures have been established within this report. The communication management plan is essential to portraying scope, time, cost, quality and risk as interdependent activities. Signifying the key value of communication in assisting the smooth flow of operations between these elements.

Risk management is a vital element within the CPMP that is to be carefully monitored as it has the potential to create delays and cause over-budget problems. In order to efficiently reduce any risks within the overall project the risk management plan is to be pro-active rather than reactive. This is ideal as it will allow the Project Manager to identify risks before they occur, analyse these risks and implement controls and restrictions in order to eliminate or reduce the

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