Essay about Aging Of The Elderly : Aging Elderly

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Aging of the Elderly
An “elderly” person is a person who is 65 years old or older (Orimo, et al 2006). People are living until their 80’s and 90’s these days so the number of elderly people is increasing. The people who might need your caregiving help one day could be family members, neighbors, or church friends. The assistance could be very basic like phoning them weekly to check on them. On the other hand, the caregiving could be more complex and require you to handle their medical needs. It could be arranging for home health care assistants to help them with daily living activities. Moreover, other needs of senior citizens would be helping them move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. There are a number of resources to provide you with information on the needs of the elderly, including the Alzheimer’s Association CareFinder, ARCH –The National Respite Locator Service, Ask Medicare, Family Caregiver Alliance, and National Alliance for Caregiving (Caregiver, 2015). It is an honor and privilege to provide the role of caregiving for others, yet great responsibility and hard work. I would be willing to help any family members and close friends who might need my assistance. During research for this paper, I hope to learn more about the best ways to provide caregiving for people in my circle of influence. The aging process is simply the individual’s journey toward life’s end. There are a number of concepts, which describe the aging process. Researchers have the…

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