Aging Is The End Of One 's Life Essay

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Aging is the process of mental, physical, and social changes from maturation through old age. The mental, physical, and social changes that occur over time inversely affect each other. An individual’s mental health may diminish first, causing their social behavior to decline, and lastly because there is an unwillingness to be social could affect how sedentary they become, only worsening their physical state. Although aging comes with these negative effects, it should not be considered the end of one’s life, but should be considered a goal, as one can age healthy.
Magnitude of the Problem
More than half of the elderly population is unaware of the steps they can take to improve quality of life. There are currently thirty-five million Americans age sixty-five and older. More than half of this estimate refers to women. There are 9.2 million elderly age eighty years and older. In the next sixteen years there will be seventy-five million adults age sixty-five and older. This drastic growth within the aging community has led to more preventative medication of acute and chronic diseases –cardiovascular disease - that are common among the elderly. Seventy-four men in one thousand ages eighty-five to ninety-four have some type of cardiovascular disease. Women have similar numbers but not until years later. Sixty-six percent of cardiovascular diseases occur in people age seventy-five and older.
The magnitude of this growing population has led to improved health care, and…

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