Essay about Aging And Its Perceptions Of Being Successful

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“Successful” aging is a concept that has differing meanings depending on where you are. For example, being successful in your aging process will be quite different from North America to Botswana. Different practices will influence aging and its perceptions of being successful or unsuccessful throughout the world. Generally, successful aging is defined culture by culture. Therefore, there is no strict set of rules regarding how to age successfully in a universal light. While this has proven effective in past studies, it can be frustrating when attempting to compare different cultures. Although, according to Professor Edmonds in his Permanent Personhood article, “the term ‘successful aging’ reflects an optimistic view of aging as a process that can be managed to maintain not just physical health, but also mental well-being, social engagement, and sexual fitness,” (2014: 246). What is considered successful in one culture can be seen as the exact opposite in others. North America, India, Brazil, and Botswana have a variety of differences in what they consider “successful” in regards to aging. In American culture there appears to be a general consensus that to age successfully means that the individual has aged without any major illnesses or debilitating conditions. American culture tends to value an individualistic society that does not rely on others, which in turn implies that even the elderly are able to take care of themselves and do not need assistance throughout the…

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