Agile Vs. Waterfall Method Essay

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Both Intersection of Agile and Waterfall and Embracing Agile discuss how Agile is adaptive and works in sprints. It is noted that Agile has a “lean development method” Grech, T. (2015, August) where “change is necessary” Rigby, D. K., Sutherland, J., & Takeuchi, H. (2016, May). Agile is a methodology where “all of the work is equally critical” Grech, T. (2015, August) where the waterfall method does not have that equality between the work. However, both forms of methodology require specific teams to be formed. The Agile method tends to be a smaller team and the waterfall method embraces cross functional work and communication. Agile does rely on strong communication too, just not as cross functional as the waterfall method. Equally the articles also talk to the fact that agile is much more innovative then other technologies. It is a very adaptable methodology and changes constantly. In the Intersection of Agile and Waterfall we learn that the Waterfall method is not as open to change. Each processes are done step by step before the next. This makes the order and overall strategy very important to follow. We learn in Embracing Agile, that change is needed from the customers to move forward. It is also important to note that within both articles it is stressed that certain methodologies will not work for everyone. It is necessary to understand what Agile and Waterfall are before moving forward with either one. I personally like the idea that changing to either of these…

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