Agile Development Paper

Abstract-The use of testing framework has become a growing requirement in software development. This framework is a kind of software which can automate the pre-generated test cases. So, for developing test automation software an incremental and timeframe iterative approach known as Agile Software Development Methodology can be used. It provides software developers a working test framework early with respect to traditional software development methods e.g. waterfall model. In this paper, an approach of developing test automation software with closed collaboration with product development team is discussed. The proposed method modifies the Agile Development method with scrum by introducing few meetings for combined teams working for development …show more content…
practices or managing software projects. In this paper, management part will be considered for which Scrum is taken. Agile processes generally promote a disciplined management process and teamwork. It encourages frequent inspection and adaptation to enable organizations to manage the software product whose requirements changes frequently. Scrum significantly increases productivity and reduces time to benefits relative to classic processes. There are 12 principles on which Agile methodology relies [5], some of the main highlights are; customer as a priority, requirement change adaptation at any stage, frequent delivery of working software, business and developing team members work together, work is defined for the specified time. This paper presents the importance for developing Test Automation using agile development process scrum. An example of process in development of Automation framework for Wireless Layer-1 software-compatible with different platform is demonstrated. In section II, the agile development with Scrum is explained. Section III shows details of the proposed method of developing test automation framework and its advantage. Section IV discusses about a case study on this methodology. Finally, section V presents the

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