Essay on Aggression and the Brain

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Term Paper: Aggression and the Brain

Aggression as a general term refers to the act of inflicting physical or verbal harm with the intentions of causing pain. It is very questionable why people choose to harm each other especially if there is no reason, such as self defense, involved, but research has been evolving on that issue to show how the biology of the brain is related to aggression and how different the neurochemistry of the brain of an aggressive person to a non aggressive one. “Violent behavior never erupts from a single cause, rather it results from a combination of risk factors — among them inherited tendencies, a traumatic childhood and other negative experiences — that interact and aggravate one another” (Strueber).
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Research was done on mice and it shows that once mice hit puberty, changes in the levels of aggressiveness took place and also took immature mice and were given sex hormones and they demonstrated a rise in their aggressiveness (Rosenzweig). In addition to that, a similar concept applies to sexual maturity is castration; it is related in the sense that castration causes a decrease in male hormones which can be identified with or similar to the mammal before they hit puberty, therefore due to castration, level of aggressiveness drops because of the diminished levels of androgens in the body (Rosenzweig). A research that they had made on women prisoners proved that “testosterone levels are highest in women prisoners convicted of provoked violence and lowest among women convicted of defensive violent crimes” (Rosenzweig). This tells us a lot because naturally in women there is testosterone so the fact that women that deliberately and intentionally commit crimes has highest levels of testosterone proves our theory even more.
Another view of the link between aggression and androgen levels can be thought of n a reversed manner, meaning that instead of it being an effect, it’s a cause. To elaborate more, basically instead of high levels of testosterone lead to aggression, it could be

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