Ageism And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

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Ageism in the workplace
So we perpetuate ageism in society through the messages we give and receive, the language we use and the way that we treat our elders both within the home and out in wider society. Another way that ageism is displayed is within the workforce. As mentioned above in the introduction we encourage our elders to retire at 65 and this transition from the paid workforce to retirement is a major transition point within the lifespan which can have significant effects on ageing well(Nolan,2011) Ageism is also a barrier for many older people trying to gain employment. This does not just apply to the population within their final decade of employment but to people who are trying to find employment at the age of 40. In a sector such as advertising,media or Information technology the bias that exists against those that the demographic consider “old” is highly prevalent.

Age friendly communities
Ageism does not only occur within circumstances which are overt such as elder abuse and neglect but through ageisms underlying values it can create many barriers for older people within society just through the attitudes of the in-group. This translates into the design of our communities. Communities are generally designed for the young, we place coffee shops and chain stores everywhere when designing communities but are we thinking about all demographics within the community? Smith et al. (2012) write about the concept of creating age-friendly communities so that our…

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