Age of Responsibility Essay

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Sonia Gutierrez
Mrs. Keith
English 2 Honors
18 March 2013
Age Of Responsibility
Responsibility can be defined morally, legally or mentally, but What Is The Age Of Responsibility? Most countries consider 18 to be the legal adult age;however, government laws don’t consist properly. There are many legal age differences between the legal drinking age to the driving age limit. Adolescents rushing to become adult have pushed the government reconsider the age of responsibility. Therefore, 21 is the age of responsibility taking account: decision making, impulse control and maturity.
To begin with, the age of responsibility is defined by a persons decision making. Poor decisions at times lead teenagers to more dangerous/complicated
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21 year olds are more likely to take matters seriously and maturely. Neuroscience research has shown that although teen’s feet may be done growing by the end of high school, their brains are not. The prefrontal cortex of a 15 year old is highly different than a 30-year old both functionally and physically (Tompa Rachel). Teens go through a special behavior that puberty induces like : mood swings, hormonal changes and reckless decisions.Nevertheless, Laws are concern of

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