Agatha Christie Influences

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Agatha Christie: Influences Behind her Great Success as a Mystery Writer
Outsold by only the Bible and Shakespeare “The Queen of Crime”, Agatha Christie, is the most widely published author of all time, with books being sold all over the world in a hundred foreign languages (“Agatha Christie Biography”). The inspirations that led to this enormous success are just as interesting as the novels themselves. Even though the real reason is unknown perhaps she was such a popular author because of the real life experiences she put into her writing. Agatha Christie’s writing of The Murder on the Orient Express was tremendously influenced by her family life as a child, her reaction to her failed marriage, and her international travels.
Throughout Christie’s
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All of the characters in The Murder on the Orient Express went under names that were related to themselves as well, but not enough to understand at first. Some instances within the novel where this occurs include Mrs. Hubbard, real name Linda Arden, Countess Adrenyi, and Edward Henry Masterman as Daisy’s grandmother, aunt, and valet (Christie 300-301). Another example includes Ratchett, real name Cassetti, who as written by Christie “He changed his name and left America” (84). Cassetti changed his name and left so no one would recognize him just like Christie did when her husband left her and her mother died. Neither the characters in the novel nor Christie herself got away with their lies. Christie’s real life tragedy of her divorce and mother’s death led her to run away and hide under a fake name just like the tragedy of Daisy Armstrong’s death in The Murder on the Orient Express. She used her own experiences to come up with great stories and impossible to solve …show more content…
“There is not one first class sleeping berth to be had on the train. All the world elects to travel tonight” (Christie 21-22). The characters are talking about traveling on the train just like the way Christie and Max did. In the novel the train becomes stopped for some time because it has run into a snow drift. (Christie 42) The idea of the delayed train came from an actual time in Christie’s life when a train she was traveling on became delayed. This experience inspired her and gave her the idea of another great mystery novel. She used her experiences while traveling to choose the different settings in her novels. These traveling experiences along with her childhood life and married life had a huge impact on the way Christie wrote. These parts of her life were some of the many that led to her successful

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