Agatha Christie : Influences Behind Her Great Success As A Mystery Writer

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Agatha Christie: Influences Behind her Great Success as a Mystery Writer
Outsold by only the Bible and Shakespeare “The Queen of Crime”, Agatha Christie, is the most widely published author of all time, with books being sold all over the world in a hundred foreign languages (“Agatha Christie Biography”). The inspirations that led to this enormous success are just as interesting as the novels themselves. Even though the real reason is unknown perhaps she was such a popular author because of the real life experiences she put into her writing. Agatha Christie’s writing of The Murder on the Orient Express was tremendously influenced by her family life as a child, her reaction to her failed marriage, and her international travels.
Throughout Christie’s novels she portrayed the family image as being close and loving just like the one she had as a child. “Christie was born by the name of Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, in the English seaside resort of Torquay, in Devon. She was the youngest of three children of Fredrick Alvah Miller and Clarissa Boehmer Miller” (“Agatha Christie”). Her father died when she was young so her mother decided to educate her and her sister Madge at home until the age of sixteen (“Agatha Christie”). Clarissa Miller, Christie’s mother, would always encourage her to read and write. After her father’s death, a man by the name of Eden Phillpotts, an English author, filled in as a father figure to her and aided in her love for literature. Even though Eden was a…

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