Against Stem Cell Research Essay

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Against Stem Cell Research

Research on stem cells is knowledge constantly being explored about how an organism evolves from a single cell and how cells in good condition are put in place of cells that no longer work. The outcome that is anticipated from doing this research is that if scientist can fine tune stem cells into regular cells like blood or heart muscles and put it back into the body, then possibly they may find a cure for some of the widespread diseases that exist in our world today such as diabetes, leukemia, and many more by replacing those weak cells with youthful cells. Eventually this research might lead to realistic, reasonably priced ways to get rid of many diseases through DNA engineering but is it really worth
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Embryonic stem cells are hard to control and may take multiple tries before researchers are capable of collecting the wanted cell. This means that if the embryonic cell is not retrieved on the first try, they must proceed to attempt another time. This may lead to complications, which might harm the patient. The use of these cells involves destroying five to seven day old embryos, which raises many moral and ethical issues amongst the public. There is also a possibility of transplantation reaction. This happens because the body rejects the embryo from a random donor. Because there is so much more to learn and study about these cells there is also a risk for the formation of cancer or tumors. Some say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. But given the negatives discussed in this paper, I, as well as many others, find the risks involved in extracting adult stem cells and even more so embryonic cells outweigh the benefits.

There are conflicting arguments surrounding authorizing stem cell research. Some say that it is immoral, that the embryos needed to extract stem cells are as important as an adult human life. The dispute encircling stem cell research is similar to the controversy of abortion, as in whether or not the process of taking out stem cells, which requires ruining the embryo, is stealing a human life or not. Many, including me, think that there is not enough attention put on the potential of

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