`` After All I Am Guilty `` Essay

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“After all I am guilty,” William Clyde Gibson, age 59, of New Albany, Indiana, stated two months after pleading guilty and being sentenced to death for the murder of three women. Gibson’s victims included Karen Hodella age 44 of port orange, Florida in 2002, Stephanie kirk age 35 of Charlestown, Indiana in March 2012, and Christine Whitis, age 75 of Clarksville, Indiana in April 2012. Gibson was classified as a sadist and rapist. His preferred method being strangulation, stabbing with a knife and mutilation. Gibson was arrested April 2012 after the murder of Christine Whitis, Gibson’s sisters found Whitis in the home of their late mother where Gibson lived 24 hours after she had been murdered. Whitis was a friend of Gibson 's mother, out of concern for his wellbeing after his mother 's death Whitis had been going to check on him because he had called her claiming that he needed someone to talk to. Gibson had developed sexual feelings for Whitis, which led to her rape then murder. Authorities stated she was tortured, bound with duct tape, sexually assaulted, her back had been broken, and one of her breast had been cut off with a kitchen knife. As authorities searched the home for evidence other human remains were found in Gibson’s backyard. The remains were later found out to be Stephanie Kirk of Charlestown, Indiana, which linked him to disappearance and murder of Kirk. Kirk had been reported 30 days prior to the arrest of Gibson. Kirk met Gibson in bar soon before she…

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