Sharecropping In African American Society

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Imagine living as an African American male and not accounted for being “a citizen” or “a person,” where voting was prohibited, where violence occurred in broad daylight, and where black males were accused of being rapists. African American male continued to be in slavery, even after “slavery” was supposedly gone, from the concept of sharecropping; sharecropping is where black farmers are loaning farming equipment from the whites. However, sharecropping caused more problems because black farmers were in debt with the whites due to the outrageous interest of borrowing equipment. African Americans had no equal rights, having to do certain types of jobs, getting paid less, eating in certain areas without other white men present. For the younger …show more content…
African Americans have suffered immensely during this time of war and always thought sooner or later it would get better. At the time when they needed a job to have a sustainable life and support their families, it was nearly impossible to get a job because of unequal rights. According to the article, “The Grand Review” by Gallagher, Grayw32 W states, “ Women and most black men could not vote.” When laws are made African Americans cannot be apart of the decision process, where the laws affected their life. . Every day, hate crimes occurred but when justice needed to be serve in court, the African American community would have no in the say in court. Most judges were racist and did not feel sympathetic to the African Americans, because they were the inferior race. Even at these times of need African American men wanted to join the army to be able to make money to live off of but at these times black men weren’t allowed to. It took years before black men could even join the army to fight for American even though they always turned their backs to them even after they made great soldiers in the war. Though the army had plenty of men to start with, black men wanted to join for the money. During the war, white men were depleting in numbers and the only option was to draft black troops. Only in the time of need did U.S saw African Americans as a source to be used as soldiers to fight in the war; the society labeled them as worthless and only in time of serious need did they push that aside. According to, “Black soldiers in blue: African American troops in the Civil War era.” states "Sínce the start of the war the U.S. Army had turned away free black volunteers". This shows how America at the time only believed that white men were capable to be in the war, and no black men were needed. When black men were able to fight in the war they

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