The Great Debaters Analysis

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Imagine being treated as a second class citizen because of factors outside of your control. You are humiliated because your skin is darker, society tells you that you lack all of the positive qualities of being a human being, and you are forced to live in constant fear of being prosecuted for actions you didn’t commit. This is what your life would have been like if you were an African American living in America before civil rights. Prior to civil rights American society was based upon a caste system. Your race completed determined your place within society, in the South African Americans faced social, politically, economic, and educational obstacles. Many Americans don’t know the history of these events because they’re not properly taught in …show more content…
In the beginning of the movie Henry has a short temper, he’s lacks self-control, and maturity. In the beginning of the movie Henry uses alcohol, violence, and pleasure to solve all of his problems. Before the start of the semester Henry gets into a fight we a woman’s husband after he was drinking, he started drinking after witnessing a lynching in Texas, kisses another girl in front of Samantha, and he gets violent with James. Towards the end of the movie after Tolson is released from jail Henry starts to mature. During the final debate with Harvard Henry leaves James and Samantha because of his frustration of writing arguments without the help of Tolson. Instead of getting drunk and talking to the girl at the bar he decides to go back to help his teammates write and argument. This shows Henry’s growth from the beginning to the ending of the movie. Henry Lowe character was based on Henry Heights, he became a preacher but did not have much involment with civil rights. Only James lead a movement in civil rights, according to CBN, “He was a leader of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and helped organized sit-ins and Freedom

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