African Influence In Latin America

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African Influence in Latin America
1. How do the Dominicans use the word “Indio”? By the 19th century, it was a way to use the word to perpetuate and define African ancestry.

2. To begin, Cuban plantations were conducted as prison due to the fear of revolution taking place, as it had in Haiti. Furthermore, the feature that all plantation owners had that resembled prisons was a watch tower and constant observation of slaves.

3. Blanqueamiento or whitening was implemented by paying four million Europeans to immigrant to Brazil and breed with Brazilians, thus lightening them. Also, a movement to suppress the African culture resulted from persecution against blacks who embraced their culture due to the personification of them
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Why the European countries and the US did not recognize Haiti as an independent country? To begin, the European countries and the US did not recognize Haiti as an independent country because of the view of white supremacy.

3. Why is Haiti so poor? Haiti is poor due to a vast number of reasons, achieving independence at an inopportune time, over production of coffee in Brazil, and the debt problems, even after the Double Debt, an amount of 150 million was paid off by 1922. Modern day, Political instability via corrupt leaders, boycott’s from other countries, and natural disasters continue to plague the country.

4. To begin, some of the historical, political, and economic/ rational reasons behind the antagonism between the Haitians and Dominicans include long going conflict between the governments due to cultural differences. In 1937, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molinas lead an attack against the Haitians that lead to the murder of more than 25,000 Haitians. Another reason would be the intervention of whites, which sought to keep the two cultures divided, in fact, they encouraged the Dominicans to feel superior to the Haitians due to larger skins and their acceptance of their African roots. Another contributing factor was the de-humanized views of Haitian workers when they were brought into do work that Dominicans wouldn’t
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What was the US role and influence in Cuba after its independence? The role of the influence after its independence was against the multiracial government currently in place. As we know, the United States was segregated, as a result they sent the USS Maine in 1898 and it exploded a mere few weeks later under mysterious circumstances. This action lead to history being split into two. The United States decided to unleash more intervention. In fact many believe the intervention of the United States was put into place to birth of independent nation new colonial system. The presence of the US changed race and served to promote racism. Segregation was

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