African Feminism And Its Impact On Women And No Single Solution

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African feminism is relevant to and inspired by feminism in the West. However, this doesn’t mean that that the two are identical. There are varying factors and barriers that affect both women and no single solution will be the answer to both of their issues because Western and African women have differences which lead them to different concerns, solutions, and ideologies. One prominent voice of African feminism is Mọlara Ogundipẹ-Leslie, who argues for indigenous forms of feminism, which led her to coin her own unique form of feminism and create a political organization for Nigerian women.
Within Africa, there are multiple feminisms because not every woman within Africa faces the same issues. Ogundipẹ-Leslie notes that “there are many feminisms, depending on the center from one which is speaking or theorizing” (p.453). She goes on to say that “these feminisms have to be theorized around the junctures of race, class, caste, and gender; nation, culture, and ethnicity; age, status, role, and sexual orientation” (p. 453). For example, an upper-class Nigerian woman who resides in Lagos will not face the same issues as a lower-class woman who lives in Kano due to class and religion. Another example is how some African feminists would rather call themselves womanists because they don’t want to closely align themselves with Western feminists, which is an example of having diverse ideologies. One Nigerian feminist in particular prefers to call herself a womanist and her name is…

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