African Colonialism Of Keny Bad And Good Essay

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Colonialism in Kenya turned out to be both bad and good. Kenya was a very secluded area of Africa. Many Europeans thought it to be uninhabited but in fact it was home to at least twenty seven different ethnic groups. But Europeans came and ignored this taking control of the territory as is new leaders. In the nineteenth Kenya was created by Europeans at the Berlin Conference. The Berlin Conference did not welcome any of the ethnic groups from that area. The Europeans ignored the original boundaries that were drawn by the different ethnic groups. These original boundaries separated certain tribes, some of which did not get along with each other. But the Berlin Conference mixed different ethnic groups. Some groups that often had rivalries were forced together causing unsettlement within Kenya. The British gained control of Kenya where they ignored all previous governments and laws. Some Africans were fine with the British being there but others were angered. Those who were farmers were often getting their land taken away from them by the British. But the British did not do this on their own. Neighbors often did not get along due to neglecting the original ethnic boundaries, so many would help the British in order to hurt their enemies. Another issue was that the British ignored the Kenyan government. Now Kenya chiefs had some little power in the government but most of it came from the British. Who said; “Our king is now your king”. The Africans were forced to be ruled by…

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