Essay about African Art And Architecture During The Sub Saharan Africa

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African art and architecture refers to the area around the sub-Saharan Africa. It’s geographically located in Africa continent and south of the Sahara Desert. Since the African Generations exists even before the United States and the nations of Europe became great powers, Africa had witnessed the rise and fall of many kingdoms. The people from this continent has a very long historical culture. Their art work represents the ancient African histories, philosophies, religions, as well as the perceptions of their societies. They successfully portray their lifestyle through the art work which mostly are made of wood or rocks. They draw the men and women hunting, fishing, dancing, collecting foods, etc. on rocks which helps the sociologist now-a-days to gather the information about ancient Africans through their art work. African art and architecture has played a significant role to develop the modern culture as well as modern arts. African arts have enriched day by day and now-a-days modern artists found it very helpful as an element of the modern arts. Rock arts and sculptures are two oldest African arts element. As we know, modern Homo Sapiens started in Africa; so it is easily assumable that Africa will contain largest collections of the rock arts than any other countries of the world. According to the statistics, the oldest image is found in Namibia which is about 24 to 27 thousand years old. Nok culture is another source of oldest African arts. The Nok cultures grows up…

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