African Apartheid Movement : The Greatest Political Risk Of My Life

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In the Database “Father of his Country by Paul Taylor it says “The greatest political risk of my life”.(Taylor para.45) That quote represents the biggest thing Mandela did in South Africa which was to help the anti-apartheid movement. The anti-apartheid movement started in South Africa in 1948, but it was already going on in different countries. The anti-apartheid movement was a time when non-whites were not treated equally. During the movement Nelson Mandela restored unity and peace between blacks and whites. The movement was one of the biggest struggles in South Africa. Nelson Mandela impacted the anti-apartheid movement by causing changes in perspective, laws, and violence.
Before Nelson Mandela impacted the anti-apartheid movement ,he had to change different perspectives. The whites thought that they were better than the blacks. The whites did not give the blacks fair treatment. This topic is explored in a website, “Apartheid” published in A&E Television Network clarifies, saying “By 1950, the government had banned marriages between whites and people of other races, and prohibited sexual relations between black and white in South Africa 's” (para.1). The whites thought they were better than every other race so they made a law that there should be no sexual relationship, or marriages between the whites and other races. There had always been a problem when it comes to interracial relationship, but never has it gone to the extent of a law being created. The article…

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