Colonization Of Africa Essay

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The colonization of Africa began in 1884 with the Berlin Conference. On this conference, the Western European powers decided to split up the land and resources of Africa among themselves (Rosenberg, 2004). This period of history became known as the Scramble for Africa. The Scramble for Africa occurred because as the slave trade ended, capitalists saw Africa as a continent that they could now exploit and through legitimate trade, they found new ways to make money of the continent (Michalopoulos & Papaioannou, 2016). By 1900, the whole of Africa was now colonized and ruled by European nations, the Great Britain was at the top followed by France, Italy, Spain, and Berlin. The Europeans used the term "White Man's Burden," a concept they used in …show more content…
In the twentieth century, the Second World War ended, for some nations, this turned into a noteworthy defining moment ever in the history of post-world. The Second World War was one of the factors that led to the decolonization of Africa. Strang (1990, p.846-860) refers to decolonization as "a stage where certain nations gained their freedom from being ruled and controlled by another nation". Generally, decolonization implies one nation changing from being ruled over to being free. Nationalism was additionally another reason that prompted the decolonization of Africa, as the time went on; numerous Africans had promoted their training and education in foreign countries, the turned out to be politically mindful and begun to crusade against the guidelines of colonial powers. These informed individuals, frequently in urban territories, were overlooked yet the few numbers began to battle for freedom and sorted out various political developments (Pan Africanism) and vicious

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