African Americans Should Not Appropriate Black Culture Essay example

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What is Cultural appropriation? It is the stealing of one’s culture as a fashion trend, while at the same time, disregarding the cultural importance of the object that is being plagiarized, and being commended for it. Cultural appropriation is a very impolite act. Not only is the person stealing the culture’s object to identify themselves, but the people of that culture that the person is plagiarizing, is totally ignored. Particularly, as reported by Twitter user @slytherinpunk, cultural plagiarizing is like working on an assignment and failing and then somebody else gets your work and gets an A. That is the big issue with cultural hijacking; the hijacker is commended for taking of one’s culture while the author of that culture are lambasted for portraying their culture. On the other hand, there are some times where the appropriator is unknowing of the cultural importance of the object, in which the appropriation of the culture or object is unaware. White Americans should not appropriate Black culture, because white American argue they are appreciating it, white Americans are inclined to take the culture, also white fashion designers use racial discrimination through their clothing lines.
White Americans argue that they are appreciating the culture. The White American who is perpetrating the act may not be deliberately appropriating the African American culture to adopt as its own, but to display its familiar interest in that culture. However, it is still not acceptable to…

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