African Americans During The Vietnam War Essay

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African Americans have served in the military for hundreds of years; in fact there has been no war that African Americans have not participated in. African Americans chose to fight in wars for various reasons including proving their loyalty to America. Despite all of the motives in joining the Armed Forces and fighting for America, blacks faced segregation in the military. African Americans played a vital role in integrating the military, but when segregation ended in the military blacks faced another problem: racism. The downgrading of blacks plays a role in racism, which was a major problem for African Americans in the military. The Vietnam War is where many African Americans faced racial violence. Causalities in the Vietnam War may have a direct correlation between African Americans and racial violence.
African Americans have joined the Armed Forces for numerous reasons including: a sense of duty, patriotism, adventure, personal advancement, and most importantly full inclusion in society. Several African Americans have served because of a sense of duty and patriotism. Even though blacks may not have been equal at the time of the American Revolution, they felt it was their duty to help America become its own entity, its own country. African Americans were aware of their ethical responsibility, which is to fight for their country. Patriotism and full inclusion in society was another reason blacks joined the military. Fighting for America in the eyes of blacks was a way to…

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