African Americans During The Civil War Essay

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Throughout much of American history, African Americans have been enslaved, feared, and loathed by white citizens. Despite gaining their freedom after the Civil War, African Americans continued to deal with racism, violence, and segregation. It wasn’t until the mid to late 20th century that blacks in America were granted equal rights. Many of us accredit the late Abraham Lincoln for the abolishment of slavery; though this was his initial plan before he was assassinated, we owe the credit to the late Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson was appointed after the death of Abraham Lincoln and even though he abolished slavery, he did not include slaves into his plan; but slaves were still free and deserved their rights of freedom. Both whites and blacks had their own ideas of what freedom meant; during Reconstruction freedom strictly meant there was no more slavery. However, since there was no more slavery the behavior of former slaves changed from what was expected of them. During slavery, their behavior, religion, education, voting rights, and economics were either controlled or restricted by their owner or master. Well since slavery was now abolished, many questioned and opposed the behavior of these now freed slaves. Former slaves began to start their own churches and built school to expand their education. This became an obvious problem and the states regulated “black lives”.
Black Codes of Mississippi
One way the state governed the behavior of freed slaves and whites is by…

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