African Americans And The Great Depression Essay

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In the year of 1929, the economy of the United States has crashed, the great depression happened three years later, followed by the increasing unemployment rate to the highest point in the modern history, which was averaging at 25 percent (Rauchway, 1). Facing this financial crisis, the president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt took place and announced a “New Deal” for the American people (Rauchway, 1). However, the most suffered people from the great depression, which were African Americans, did not benefit much from the “New Deal.” The racism between white and black, and unfairness in economics, politics and civil rights were dramatically increased after World War I. The beginning of the Great Migration was the fuse of these increased racism and unfairness, and it got worse during and after the great depression.
The African Americans started the Great migration in 1917, millions of African Americans moved from the South of the United States to the North (Arnesen, 1). The Great Migration transformed the rural agricultural southern black people into urban northern people, meaning the African Americans from the south does not just want to be farmers anymore, they wanted to have their own city and culture (Arnesen, 2). The outbreak of the migration for African Americans also dramatically changed the economics of scale of the Northern United States. The Northern United States wage has increased over the Southern United States (Arnesen, 9). Although, the living…

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