African Americans And The Civil War Essay

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African Americans contributed to the Union and Confederate sides during the Civil War (HistoryNet, n.d.). There were over 179,000 African Americans that had positions in the Union Army as well as support from the Navy (HistoryNet, n.d.). The states that were separated from the Union were called the Confederate states and they consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas (Africans in America, n.d.). The states provisional president was Jefferson Davis (Africans in America, n.d.). On the Confederate side, African Americans were slaves and assisted in labor positions. Blacks were used as slave labor force in the Confederate Army (HistoryNet, n.d.). Slaves were brought along to help their slave owners in camp. Free black men wanted to be a part of the Union side to fight the war, in the beginning of the Civil War (HistoryNet, n.d.). African Americans could not use weapons in the U.S Army due to a law and that excluded African Americans from joining the army (HistoryNet, n.d.). On September 22, President Lincoln gave a warning to the Confederate states to give up or he would set the slaves free (Africans in America, n.d.). President Lincoln wanted to keep the Union together. Lincoln was not trying to end slavery where it existed or withdraw the Fugitive Slave Law (Africans in America, n.d.). Most white northerners wanted to fight for freedom for slaves or to give them a right to vote (Africans in America, n.d.). The Second…

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