African American Essay

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African Americans
Dawn Burnside
HIS204: American History Since 1865
Patrick Williams
July 9, 2013

Throughout history African Americans have had a wicked, harsh, trouble, struggling life. During the period of the 1800s to 1900s African Americans were treated as if they were nothing, force to work over their own free will, they were force to work without getting paid. African Americans were not just slaves in the south there were many northern states that had slaves as well. Most African Americans were slaves to White families, but there were many who slaves to other work forces. Slavery continued until the reconstruction era, the period of change. But as a period of change came white still were not acceptance of African Americans.
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It gave the power to overrule the presidents and use African American in the military. African American troops were always led by white generals and were always segregated in to black units. Even though they might have had the right to fight in the war, African Americans weren’t allowed to wear the uniform or armed. If they were caught by a white officer in uniform or armed, they could be tried. But in the field of battle, was take no prisoners. This meant that white didn’t have to save them, although it did make the African American fight harder. African soldiers today are able to led convey, and wear the uniform of America. Showing this in my paper give you a feel that, even in war African Americans were still treated as slaves.
Over time and in the beginning of the new period, African Americans were able to be pilots, Tuskegee Airmen. The 332nd Fighter Group flew 15,00 planes and shot down over200 German aircrafts. Although, these soldiers are willing to risk their life and die for their country, African Americans weren’t able to receive and Medal of Honor for their service.
Reconstructions means to fix something that is broken, and during the 1800s America was broken. The reconstruction era is the period of time when African Americans went through the most change. It’s the time when every movement, right, and law to change the rights of African American wanted. The reconstruction era started after the Civil War in 1865. A time

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