African American Essays

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Being an African American woman in a Caucasian male dominated society, I have experienced my share of racial and sexual inequalities. Nonetheless, for the purpose of assignment only racial inequality will be discussed. As stated in last week’s assignment. For centuries, inhabitants of the earth have had an innate superiority complex, countries with greater weapons, numbers, technology and economic resources, created systems of inequality through domination of inferior-minority-groups, maintained and perpetuated through social forces.
My family can trace their roots as far back, as a century before the emancipation proclamation of 1863. As did majority of the ancestors of African Americans, my relatives started life here in America as
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After a few moments, my uncle helped my mother to her feet and walked her to the car. When they left, my aunt held me, consoled us, and told us that everything was going to be okay, but from the pace of her heart and tone of her voice, I knew she was doubtful.
When they finally returned my mother walked into the house both sad and distorted, when I reached for her hand she was cold to the touch, as if death himself was upon her. She walked to the back room not stating a word to anyone. My uncle Buddy finally got around to telling us what had happen. According to the police, my father was found guilty of obstruction of justice, because of his involvement in a peace rally. My uncle was furious, he hated the white man, and although his reasons were dissimilar, he hated them nonetheless.
When you look at my uncle, you can tell he is different from the rest of my father’s siblings. He is much fair in complexion and his hair is very fine like silk unlike my father’s hair. While over hearing the women in my family gossip, I learned Uncle Buddy did not share the same father as the others. The story goes, back on the farm in Georgia my grandmother was walking from the store one day when a young white man stopped her, he asked if she needed a ride and she politely responded, no. After several failed attempts, he got out of his vehicle and raped her.

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