African American Men Ready For War Essay examples

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African American Men Ready for War

Dutchman refers to the old folk tale of the Flying Dutchman or what is known as Fleiger Hollander in Dutch (Jacques 7). This tale speaks of a flying ghost ship that never reaches a destination and sails the ocean forever. In Amiri Baraka’s “Dutchman”, he uses this close analogy to refer to the eerie feeling that readers gain from being taken on a journey while aboard this train. African American men are at battle daily, which also gives one the eerie feeling of being on a battlefield. It is this reason that Amiri Baraka decides to bring this serious subject matter to the forefront. This story examines how New Historicism has evolved. African American men are categorized as being a “type” and throughout the story, the writer is able to make readers see how certain situations can have a monopoly effect that overall can lead to destruction. Amiri Baraka depicts Clay as being a young boy trying to become a man and this story demonstrates the adversities that boys face when trying to become a man in America. What are the battles that African American men are fighting each day? Upon reading “Dutchman”, readers are then able to understand exactly how African American men are at war with their history, society, and even their own race.
In the past century, slavery has become more and more apparent in the eyes of others. While people are just now catching on to what has been happening for centuries, African American men have been fighting this…

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