The Kite Runner Title Analysis

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The protagonist usually takes the center stage, but sometimes, the protagonist’s friend leaves a deeper impression. Similarly, in The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the title character is Hassan, the buried friend of the protagonist. He is what indirectly drives the entire course of the story. The unusual title shows the emotional journey and character growth of Amir, the protagonist; throughout the story, “the kite runner” changes its meaning for Amir; The kite runner also refers to the selfless love Hassan has for Amir, which is a theme in the novel. In brief, the author most likely chose this title because of its influence in the book. Because of events that happen early in his life, kite running affects Amir’s decisions throughout the book, which drives the plot. The popular sport of kite fighting consists of two people on a team. Amir is the kite fighter, the person who flies their kite to cut down other kites. And Hassan is Amir’s most loyal servant and friend; he chases down the kites Amir cut down, like a spoil of war. His role, ironically, became the title of the book, The Kite Runner. Amir is still the main character, he narrates the novel, and the novel focuses on his …show more content…
After the kite tournament, Hassan succeeds in chasing down Amir’s hard-won kite. He knows how much the kite means for Amir, so when Assef corners Hassan to hand over the kite, he refuses. He brings the kite back to Amir, despite the personal cost. Through this incident, Hassan demonstrates his unchanging loyalty for Amir. And at the end of the book, Amir desperately wants Sohrab to receive his love; he needs Sohrab to see that his family cares for him, loves him, and will never let him go. So Amir shows Sohrab how to fight other kites, and when they cut down another kite, offers to chase it down for Sohrab. Amir shows Sohrab that he loves Sohrab by running his kite. The kite running finally comes full circle for Amir and

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