African American History : Story Of Great Tragedy And Accomplishment

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African American history is the story of great tragedy and accomplishment. Where they were once was kings and queens Africans were taken from their homeland as slaves to work in the dirt. They were treated cruelly and unjustly. However, they would fight ultimately for their freedom looking to having some sort of freedom whether in their homeland of Africa or this new land of America.
Some call Africa the birth place of human beings seeing that The Great Rift Valley is known for having some of the oldest remains of ancestral human beings. In Africa there were several group of people who resided in the country including the Mbundu and Bantu people. The Mbundu…. The Bantu people showed the strength of the African people. Originally from the southern part of Africa migrated into the western/eastern part of Africa. Known for their iron weaponry these people were able to dominate and conquer the people living in the region at the time.
Once the Caucasians began to come to Africa and take the Africans from their homelands the story of these once regal people changed forever. Forced to work fields without any compensation, getting beat for not make quota or whatever the master felt these were just a few characteristics of enslavement. Slaves were treated horribly however there were who found favor in their master’s eyes. Phillis Wheatley was one of the millions of African take but found this “favor”. Born in Senegal, Africa Phillis was taken on a slave ship in 1761. Named by her…

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