African American History : A War For Your Soul Essay

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Citizens today fail to realize the importance of African American history. Racism is one of the most common issues in humanity. It haunts our past and can degrade our future. Our ancestors went through many trials and tribulations, for us to have the freedom we have as a result. In the clip, “A War for Your Soul” an overview was given about what African Americans experienced. Racism is a ongoing problem in america today. Racism affects the lives of many, leads to more violence and hinders the growth of many upon the upbringing of children. First, to be more specific whites made it their mission to belittle African Americans. During slavery African Americans were beaten beyond recognition and at times broken away from their families. Although the times were extremely hard for African Americans, they remained strong and praised their God. The fact that the African Americans remained strong angered the whites. Once slavery laws passed African Americans began to fight for their freedom. Protesting a refusing to abide by the whites laws were examples of what they would do to express rights. Once the whites grew frustrated they began forming groups, such as the KKK to make African Americans terrified. They took steps as far a hanging African Americans on trees by rope forcing them to suffer and lead to death. In addition, today racism is a direct pathway for violence. where as to before african americans had no choice but to tolerate the abuse and disrespect of whites , african…

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