Essay on Affordable Health Care Act : Affordable Healthcare

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Affordable Health Care Act The Affordable Healthcare plan promotes prevention and helps to strengthen public health care by ways of preventing diseases. In addition, it protects against natural diseases. Every U.S. citizen needs affordable healthcare insurance to prevent all health related problems.. All the health care workers are working to promote a healthy lifestyle that will continue to help each person on a daily bases. Exercising, eating a balanced diet and maintaining an active social life will increase a person’s ability to have a longer life. The Affordable Healthcare Act provides a greater advantage for preventive services, free or low cost health insurance, and provides secure protection of health benefits for all citizens of the United States. “Preventive services provide many choices of services for all people that need treatment. With the activation of the Affordable Health Care Plan, many women saw changes to their health care coverage the following year. In 2011, women received additional coverage for preventive services, which included mammograms, wellness visits, and cancer screenings, as well as contraceptive methods such birth control pills, emergency contraceptives, and sterilization (Health Care Legislation,1)”. Preventive services and wellness programs provide services to patients that only have to pay a regular copay and not a deductible with each visit. This type of care will be a huge benefit to families that have a number of people in their…

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