Affluenza ' Dui Case : What Happened Night Of The Accident That Left 4 People Dead

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Klass, C., & Valiente, A. (2015, December 31). 'Affluenza ' DUI Case: What Happened Night of the Accident that Left 4 People Dead. Retrieved from abc News: This is a news article on a well-known young adult named Ethan Couch. The writers make great points showing how this boy is a perfect example of a person who doesn 't think before he acts. After being the cause of a fatal car accident that killed over four people and severely wounded another. The defense used in his case was that he was a product of "affluenza" that being described as Couch 's irresponsible lifestyle associated with his upbringing. Not only was he intoxicated but they thought it fit to also blame his parents. Truthfully though they were somewhat at fault for the lifestyle he lived they never setting up proper rules and education for their son. When asked about driving intoxicated his friends said that Ethan was known for doing it often as well as even when told not to drive that night he still did.
McMurran, M., Fyffe, S., McCarthy, L., Duggan, C., & Latham, A. (2001). 'Stop & Think ': social problem - solving therapy with personality - disorderd offenders. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 273-285. This article looks at 'Stop & Think ' as a social problem-solving intervention implemented with personality. They seated up a problem-solving approach consist of steps: orientation, problem…

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