Affirmative Action Research Paper

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Affirmative Action
University of Phoenix
Susan E. Ricard

Since the beginning of affirmative action, there has been controversy about the program being an effective tool to eliminate discrimination in education and the workplace. Even though the numbers with affirmative action plans seemed to have improved the percentage of minorities in schools and workplaces, it does not work to mandate that people change. Once the mandates disappear the numbers begin to decrease.
In its conception in 1964 with the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, affirmative action was meant to be a way of allowing an equal opportunity for, at this time, blacks to be given the same chances as white men. The argument was that since the beginning
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C. Hayes who was instrumental in the case brought to the Supreme Court, Brown v. Board of Education, that overturned the “separate-but-equal” doctrine of a previous court case. (George C. Hayes, n.d.) These are only a small few who have made exceptional accomplishments despite their circumstances.
In the cases that have been brought before the Supreme Court it is obvious that even the well-educated disagree about the best method of trying to get people to not make decisions based on how someone looks. In rulings over the years there have been cases overturned because of the mindsets of the judges and their opinions on what would encourage people to treat everyone with respect regardless of color or gender. Some of the cases brought before the Supreme Court were:
The Bakke case: Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.’s idea of diversity in 1978 stated the race could be a “plus” factor in college admission but not the determining factor. This statement was made in reference to blacks specifically. (Nagel, 2001).
1986: The Supreme Court ruled that a Michigan school could not lay-off white teachers based on their skin color and continue the employment of minority teachers, solely based on their skin color, to provide role

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