Affirmative Action Is A Great Policy Essay

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First off I believe that Affirmative Action is a great policy put in place to make sure that diversity is achieved and maintained (Wilkins, V. M., & Wenger, J. B., 2014). Having a diverse work and school community helps expose people to different ideas and cultures that are different from there 's and gives individuals a different perspective of several topics. For many centuries minorities including blacks, Latinos, women, and homosexuals have been placed lower on the totem pole as compared to white Americans (Green Cage., 2015). There have been several civil rights laws and Supreme Court cases that have attempted to encourage integration between races yet never helped or succeed. Slavery was also a time where African Americans were not even seen as citizens but as property (Green Cage., 2015). Racial Hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Skinheads are modern groups that seek to keep the same narrow mind of white supremacy (Wilson, T. C, 2006). This just shows that without the help of policy like Affirmative Action diversity may be desirable but will not occurs if left to chance and by the character of individuals (Wilkins, V. M., & Wenger, J. B., 2014). Interacting with diverse groups from different backgrounds should be a part of the educational and job settings which would also help get rid of stereotypes because they would able to learn from a wide range of different cultures. Also dealing with diversity in the workplace is definitely an advantage because most…

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