Affirmative Action : Argument For Affirmative Essay

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Affirmative Action
In Shaw’s article he gives four arguments for affirmative action that are counter arguments to others. In this paper I will talk about one of his responses and why I disagree with it. I plan to argue that many companies do not want to hire people of other races, ethnicities, or genders because they may not trust these people for various reasons.
According to Shaw, affirmative action is designed to make the hiring process of companies more fair. It is supposed to make the process more equal for people who have before been denied the right to employment due to their race, gender or sexual orientation. It is used in helping to eliminate or reduce discrimination. It’s a program designed to make the hiring or the admittance of applicants more equal. The program will help women and/or different races to get job placements that, in the past were not possible to obtain because they were women or people from different races. This affirmative action program would help these minorities get treated more equally. Affirmative action is used to enlarge the pool of applicants and then hiring the people on a basis of competence: competence helps companies have the best pool of workers. It is giving preference among equally qualified applicants but giving those preferences to the minority. It is setting goals in order to decide whom to hire and also setting quotas to attain.
The first argument against affirmative action in Shaw’s article, Colorblind vs. race-conscious…

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