Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise Essay

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Aerobic VS Anaerobic Exercise
Jane Doe
Grantham University

ABSTRACT Being in the military has caused me to become a better athlete than I have been before. Running is one of our main focuses and in my personal life I have strived to become better at it since I know that I despise running but need to improve on it. One of the things that I have learned is that in order for a high performance runner to reach a level that is desired to help max out their run time for military standards, the individual needs to have a focused training, training with an objective.

The obesity rate in America has continually spiked over the years as well. More than 30% of Americans do not do any kind of physical exercise. By implementing some kind of
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It also allows the muscle tissue to be clearer so that the heart can pump blood with minimum effort. This in total causes your blood pressure to lower, even if your blood pressure is only in the high normal range.
Aerobic exercise, which is also known as cardio, causes your heart, lungs, and muscles to work overtime using up your oxygen. An aerobic exercise is one that is done over a long duration, meaning we must sustain this exercise for 20 minutes or more, of low to moderate difficulty by using the large muscle groups of the body such as the legs, back, arms and etc. Aerobic training builds up your lung capacity, and your heart is forced to pump more blood to your body, resulting in heart strength. Longer runs (300-500m) with a more comfortable rhythm belong to the aerobic training with very short recovery times between repetitions. According to the Trust for America’s Health the obesity rate has increased in 28 states within the past year. More than two-thirds of the states have an obesity rate above 25 percent where as in 1991 no one was above 20 percent. Hundred of Americans die due to some disease that is caused by inactivity and poor cardiovascular health. However if each individual would just do some sort of aerobic exercise it would improve their bones, ligaments, and tendons. It also allows your body to use up the fats

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