Advocacy in Human Services - A Case Study Essay

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Under the Rainbow Inc. began when a group of four socially conscious people discovered a dire need for quality, unbiased welfare support without prejudice or borders and became an 'incorporated association ' in February 2007.

Since its inception, Under the Rainbow Inc. has been committed to excellence in the delivery of social welfare services based on their principles of charity, care and compassion. A range of services designed to promote independence and to enhance quality of life are provided by Under the Rainbow, all of which encompass care and support of local community members, in particular those who require relief from poverty and/or the dependents of any such persons. Advocacy is the primary role of case managers ' who
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Individuals who seek help from Under the Rainbow often see themselves as 'powerless ' and unable to make changes in their lives and sadly, those who are discriminated against, are often the most vulnerable. Under the Rainbow clients can be distinguished by many inequalities involving social issues in areas such as power, authority, and wealth, working and living conditions, health, lifestyle, gender, education, religion, and culture. Because the nature of Under the Rainbow is predominately a charity, they realise some of the clients who ask for welfare assistance will not want to be involved in any further actions for changing their situation and staff may only be required to 'advocate ' once. However, they know from experience there are just as many of their clients who will want to get involved and connect with others in order to work together for social and personal 'empowerment '.

To clarify empowerment further, Shulman (2005) states that the empowerment process involves 'engaging the client, family, group, or community in developing strengths to personally and politically cope ' and a number of 'empowerment ' workshops and programmes covering issues such as budgeting, self-esteem and parenting are implemented at Under the Rainbow to facilitate

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