Advertising, Food And Drug Administration Essay

814 Words Mar 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Advertisements are everywhere in our daily life, especially when the technology develops faster and faster. Obviously, the purpose of making advertisements is to introduce the products and attract the consumers to buy them. Advertisers should take responsibility to make a successful advertisement, actually, they play important roles in goods markets for they have the abilities to grasp the consumer psychology and influence their consumption habits in some degree. With more and more advertisements appear, some rapidly increasing problems occur. Many may wonder whether warnings and side effects should be made more clearly in advertisements. Recently, Food and Drug Administration is studying whether those warnings and side effects, in broadcast and in print ads, overwhelm and confuse consumers (John). From an aspect of human nature, consumers probably be scared into rethinking their purchases if they are shown with potential dangers in products. As a result of which, they may no longer to buy its products so the company may loss profits. It sounds reasonable, but in some cases, it may misinterpret and ignore the truths. As a matter of fact, some researches has found that clear warnings about risky side effects in ads can boost the sales in some way. It is a win-win strategy for the society, not only are advertisers able to promote company image of honest and increase profits, but also consumers can retain information about important risks. Therefore, it is necessary to make…

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