Advertising Effect On Teenagers By William Rodgers Essay

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Advertising Effect on Teenagers

The main purpose of advertisement is to persuade a consumer to purchase their product. In the 1700s they advertised to consumers using posters and newspapers. Whereas today we advertise using social media, posters, internet, television and much more. According to William Rodgers, “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don 't have for something they don 't need.” Rodgers explains that advertising consist of convincing people to buy a product that they know that they don’t need, which is what they’re doing to teenagers today. Even though advertising does possess its positive aspects on teenagers it does possess its negative aspects on teenagers.
Throughout the year, teens view numerous types of advertisements daily. They view advertising types such as tobacco, alcohol, drug, and food. These types of advertising spend multitudes of money to reach to the teenage audience, to buy their products. Tobacco companies spend countless amounts of money on their advertisements, “Tobacco manufacturers spend $30 million/day ($11.2 billion/year) on advertising and promotion of their product” (Haugen 15). Tobacco companies advertise to the youth using imagery and messages that appeal to the youth, making it look and sound like its cool to do. Also, they market in stores that teens become most likely to visit on a daily basis. In addition, they hold their products at a good price so it appeals to teens more because it’s cheaper.…

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