Advertising And Ticket Selling Online Website Essay

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• Introduction
Stomp your feet touring have without delay approved to develop a website to move their advertising and ticket selling online. This website aims to Further develop more audiences and market shares that will draw further attention and bring more knowledge and availability to The Stomp your feet touring‘s shows and will be Increasing customer service with the ability to place orders online.
It will start by introducing a unique and different website, this way Stomp your feet touring can stand out from other concert touring companies. The website will highlight Shows – And there available Dates, Times, Location and Prices, and also have the ability to pay for deliveries online when tickets are purchased. Tickets will also all ways be tracked when posted that so customer can follow its progress so the customer knows when their tickets will arrive to the door before the concert.
The bonus of this online website Stomp your feet can show support to other companies placing links to Thunder metal, silver tiger media etc and other photographers, Concerts and band review sites so when people are researching who they want to see from us they can easily find the rating, pictures of the show live and reviews of the band and concerts.
Organizational Objectives
1. Develop a Unique and Different website for The Stomp your feet concert touring company.
2. Provide an easy solution and navigation for customers and clients
3. Develop a image that represents the Stomp your feet…

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