Advertising And Media 's Impact On The Media Essay

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Finding trustworthy information can be difficult in our modern age where media bombards society with advertisements, many of which are seeking to manipulate consumers for profit. Corporations use advertising and media as a way to persuade people into believing they need more/better material goods in order to find happiness. Through the strategic use of color, design, and psychological tricks they convince viewers to buy products without stopping to evaluate the consequences that may be at hand. It is the consumer 's responsibility not only to be informed about the ideas being presented to them, but to also inform and protect those around them from falling victim to the problematic messages in the media. By providing education about the products and ideas being projected in the media, the consumer determines the power these messages have. Without this mindful intake of media, the everyday cycle of unconsciously observing and relinquishing power over our thoughts, habits, and social behaviors will continue. An example of this problematic style of advertisement can be found in advertisements for the cigarette brand “Virginia Slims”, which are marketed specifically towards women. As written in the Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising, “Many print advertisements (for Virginia Slims) portray women in fashion-forward outfits and make references to fashion: I 'm a sky-high pair of platforms in a closet full of flats, an ad from 2001 boasts.” Ads like these…

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