Advertising And Its Effect On Children Essay

1342 Words Apr 25th, 2016 6 Pages
As technology advances and fast food corporations are making more money, the advertisements for these companies are starting to increase. As money is being poured into these companies for advertising kids are starting to eat more and become obese. Advertisements aimed at teenagers are effective statistics are now showing every teen sees on average 15 food advertisements a day, in harmony to one out of every three teenagers being overweight. There are certain ways that companies use advertising the most effect. Companies appeal to ethos logos pathos. Use different colors to stimulate hunger. Kids don’t get enough exercise throughout their years; kids are staying inside and eating rather than going out and getting active. These things need to change or its going to be more than one-out of-three kids being obese. Every kid in their life goes through somewhat of a fat phase though. My brothers and I went through it during middle school. We were very active and we just couldn’t get the fat baby face look to go away. My brothers played football and had practice every week and I was playing baseball which was playing games 2 days during the week as well as 3 plus on the weekends because of baseball. So why did we still have this baby face? At the time we were living in Ruskin but still going to school in Lithia. After school we would get McDonalds sometimes because the ride back was so long and we were hungry. We ate McDonald’s at least 3 times a week and we were active but…

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