Essay on Advertising Aimed At Children

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Advertising Aimed at Children Harvard conducted more than 25 years of research signaling the link between excessive TV watching and obesity. There is strong evidence supporting that cutting back on TV time will help with weight control. Before TV’s were even invented kids had to find ways to entertain them selves. This allowed more time for running around in the park and playing recreational sports. There is no wonder why obesity is a growing issue in the United States; once TV’s were invented more time was spent in front of the TV than outside. TV’s have became so popular that many households have more than one. Studies have been shown that “children who have TV sets in their bedrooms are also more likely to gain excess weight than children who don’t.”(Danner) Advertising is consuming the TV; you cannot watch anything on TV and not see at least five advertisements. The use of intentionally misleading advertising and attention to persuading an increasingly young audience has led to a number of negative repercussions for America’s youth. Therefore advertising should be kept to a minimum with children to prevent bad habits such as drugs and alcohol use, obesity and self-esteem issues.
Advertisements play a huge role in our everyday lives whether we want them to or not. The world is covered in different types of ads; commercials on TV, billboards you see walking down the street, even on the radio when you’re driving to work. Although it may be hard to escape the advertising…

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