The Effects Of Watching Television

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In my study I discovered that most students do not prefer to watch television. People in todays society are not letting the airtime, influence when they watch a certain show they just watch when they have the time. In todays culture there is the idea of TV everywhere, the idea that a person can watch when ever and where ever. Television is having a difficult time with this new concept of constant entertainment, they do offer it, but most customers do not know about it or how to use it. (Poggi 1) Professors Clark F Greer and Douglas A Ferguson point out, “Although Americans still prefer watching a TV set, a study by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (2010) found that 26% of survey respondents watched TV shows and/or movies …show more content…
PA Consulting Group conducted a survey, 86% said they would go to the movie theater more often if movie tickets were half-price. (Fuchs 28) People are waiting for the movie to be released on demand or on sites like Netflix. To buy a movie on demand is around half the price of one adult movie ticket. Likewise, a standard Netflix subscription is eight dollars a month with an array of entertainment accessible, unlike the movie theater where it can cost $10.91 for one adult ticket for a showing of one movie. With ticket prices as high as they are and new technology making it easier to watch from the comfort of home, movie theaters will continue to diminish unless they change their vision for their …show more content…
Theater corporations have established new occurrences. As more technology is discovered theaters can use it to their advantage instead of it having a negative effect. IMAX for instants has been around for a few decades and it has not been duplicated for home use. IMAX is an event that is hard to duplicate and now they are adding more to the experience. Areas worth exploring are smell-o-vision and kinetic seating. The name smell-o-vision, essentially explains what it is. Smell-o-vision uses odors and fragrances and dispenses them during a show. It is too expensive for home theaters but creates a rare experience at movie theaters. Kinetic seats are another area movie theaters should look into. Many amusement parks have these seats with a short film to go along with. Kinetic seats are unique they tilt, spin, and rumble according to certain points in the film. (Lee) These new technologies could allow and give just reason for theaters to substantially increase their

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