The Impact Of Radio On American Culture

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The invention of the radio has profoundly changed the American culture with its creation by allowing more and more people being exposed to new ideas, music, news, and entertainment. This idea of expression of individual tastes in music is central to American culture, which correlates to the Americans’ unique belief that each citizen has freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; people have the freedom to listen , read, or watch whatever media they wish to. The first place that radio created cultural expansion was with the music industry. Now that radio could be heard by millions instead of a street musician being able to reach 10-20 people, new music genres like Folk, Country, Blues appeared and exploded in popularity. These …show more content…
America’s intense interest in popular television shows like those has potential to create negative health and lifestyle changes in the American culture. The first example of how television has negatively affected the American culture is the significant downturn in physical activity. Recreation as of 2016 largely consists of binge-watching and regular watching of television shows on TV, cellphone, and computer screens, which is growing in comparison to the American culture of physical activity being central to life. The dangers of too much television time are best highlighted in a study completed by two members of the Harvard School of Medicine, Drs. Anders Grøntved, MPH, MSc; Frank B. Hu, MD, PhD. They discovered that the risk of diabetes increased by 20%, the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 15%, and the risk of over all mortality increased by 13%. Before the invention and widespread watching of television, the American people were healthier, with the majority of the population exploring outside their homes rather than be stuck in their houses staring at flashing multicolored screens. Here lies the true change to American culture; it comes with the proof of how American culture has changed from an active and lively culture to one of stillness, slowness, and illness comes being the 50 million people (American Psychological Association) that now live a sedentary life. A second way that television has changed American culture is how it has twisted people’s perspectives of themselves is because of overly prevalent negative stereotypes. Typically stereotyped groups include racial minorities and women. These skewed perspectives of different genders and races contribute to the negative culture changes that appear as increased levels of racism and bigotry as television has become popular. These skewed perspectives of different genders

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