Advertisements Can Catch Anyone 's Eye Essay example

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Advertisements can catch anyone’s eye. They can be bold or small, quiet or loud, but always make a statement. These statements can be controversial and get more attention than projected. The advertisements can show opinions and facts that can be surprising to some readers. Subway called to public attention an advertisement that showed obesity is a problem plaguing children and adults. They claim that eating Subway is promoting a healthier lifestyle for the consumer that reduces the amount of Obesity targeted at their demographic. What are they really advertising? This advertisement is displaying that with a healthy meal, society can avoid obesity.

To begin with, advertisements are extremely eye grabbing. They attract the reader to the page that the advertisement is on and it is hard to take someones eyes off. Most have large bold text or bright colors. When a consumer is scrolling through social media pages, they get tired of the usual black and white boring posts. Seeing a colorful advertisement that reminds them that they are bored will trigger them to become hungry. Most of the time when someone is bored the brain will convince the body that they are hungry. A study by scientists at Oregon Health and Science University concluded that, “Late-night snackers often eat when they do not because they are actually hungry, but out of habit, or because they are bored, tired, or stressed.” So seeing an advertisement for a nice looking sandwich that claims to be healthy could not…

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